3 of the Craziest Pickleball World Records


Pickleball is a sport that offers a delightful mix of competition and fun. While there are moments to take the game seriously, there are also times to embrace its lighter side. These astonishing pickleball world records not only remind us of the joy this sport brings but also inspire us to aim higher. Ready to dive into some of the most remarkable achievements in pickleball history? Let’s go!

The Largest Pickleball Paddle: “Big Blue”

In Des Moines, Iowa, Smash Park proudly boasts the world’s largest pickleball paddle, affectionately named “Big Blue.” This colossal paddle is a staggering 10 times larger than a standard pickleball paddle, weighing in at 150 pounds and standing 13.6 feet tall with a width of 6.9 feet. Constructed in 2019, “Big Blue” required enough material to create 180 regular pickleball paddles. Imagine the sweet spot on that!

Fun Facts About “Big Blue”

  • Material Used: The paddle was crafted using high-quality materials typically reserved for professional-grade equipment.
  • Community Involvement: The creation of “Big Blue” involved local artists and craftsmen, making it a true community project.
  • Tourist Attraction: “Big Blue” has become a popular tourist attraction, drawing pickleball enthusiasts from around the world.

The Longest Pickleball Game: A Marathon of Endurance

In 2011, Justin Lawrence and Jeffrey Baker set an incredible record for the longest pickleball game, playing non-stop for 24 hours in New Port Richey, Florida. Their marathon session showcased not only their love for the game but also their remarkable endurance. When asked about their experience, both players admitted they were exhausted but would gladly do it again. While we love pickleball, a 24-hour game might be a bit much for most of us!

Insights into the Longest Game

  • Preparation: The duo underwent rigorous physical and mental preparation to endure the 24-hour challenge.
  • Support System: Friends, family, and local fans provided continuous support, ensuring the players stayed hydrated and motivated.
  • Health Monitoring: Medical professionals were on standby to monitor the players’ health throughout the marathon game.

The Largest Pickleball Tournament: A Grand Event

The largest pickleball tournament on record was organized by Tennis Competitors of Dallas in 2012. This grand event hosted 370 participants, all competing in a round-robin format. Sandy Cassday and Karen Spika emerged victorious, clinching the top spot in this massive tournament. Such a large-scale event highlights the growing popularity and competitive spirit of pickleball.

Highlights of the Largest Tournament

  • Diverse Participants: The tournament attracted players of all ages and skill levels, showcasing the inclusive nature of pickleball.
  • Extensive Planning: Organizing a tournament of this magnitude required meticulous planning and coordination.
  • Media Coverage: The event garnered significant media attention, further boosting the sport’s visibility.

These unique feats are nothing short of impressive. Clearly, there is room for more pickleball records to be set, so grab your paddles and aim for the stars! And don’t forget to share your achievements with the pickleball community.


The world of pickleball is filled with extraordinary records that showcase the fun and competitive nature of the sport. From the largest paddle to the longest game and the biggest tournament, these records inspire us to push our limits and enjoy every moment on the court. So, whether you’re aiming to set a new record or simply having fun, remember that pickleball is all about the joy of the game.


1. What is the largest pickleball paddle ever made?

The largest pickleball paddle, named “Big Blue,” is located at Smash Park in Des Moines, Iowa. It measures 13.6 feet tall, 6.9 feet wide, and weighs 150 pounds.

2. How long was the longest pickleball game?

The longest pickleball game on record lasted for 24 hours, played by Justin Lawrence and Jeffrey Baker in New Port Richey, Florida, in 2011.

3. Where was the largest pickleball tournament held?

The largest pickleball tournament was held by Tennis Competitors of Dallas in 2012, featuring 370 participants in a round-robin format.

4. Who won the largest pickleball tournament?

Sandy Cassday and Karen Spika won the largest pickleball tournament organized by Tennis Competitors of Dallas in 2012.

5. Are there opportunities to set new pickleball world records?

Absolutely! The world of pickleball is ever-growing, and there are plenty of opportunities to set new records. Gather your friends, get creative, and aim to make your mark in the pickleball community.

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Written by Billy Pickles

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