5 Advanced Pickleball Shots and Serves to Elevate Your Game


As pickleball players progress beyond the basics, mastering advanced shots and serves becomes essential for staying competitive. While many players quickly become proficient in fundamental techniques like forehands, backhands, crosscourt dinks, and lobs, the journey to mastering advanced shots can significantly elevate your game. If you’re ready to expand your repertoire and catch your opponents off-guard, these five advanced pickleball shots and serves are a must-learn.

1. The Chip Shot (Forehand Roll)

Mastering the Forehand Roll

The chip shot or forehand roll leverages the “shoulder high, let it fly” rule that many players adhere to. This shot is executed by pushing your wrist forward and rolling it through as you hit the ball upward, creating topspin. The topspin causes the ball to appear shoulder-high but drops at the last moment, tricking your opponent into letting a good shot go.

  • Execution: Push your wrist forward and roll it through.
  • Effect: Creates topspin, making the ball drop unexpectedly.
  • Strategy: Use this shot to deceive opponents and keep them on their toes.

For a detailed demonstration, watch this helpful video from Pickleball Kitchen.

2. Backhand Roll

Perfecting the Backhand Roll

The backhand roll is a shot taken from the non-volley zone at about net height. It’s ideal when the ball isn’t high enough for an overhead smash. Similar to the forehand roll, this shot is hit from a low, squatted position but with a backhand swing.

  • Execution: Hit from a low position with a backhand swing.
  • Effect: Creates an upward trajectory with topspin.
  • Strategy: Use this shot to keep the ball low and difficult for your opponent to return.

Check out this video from Pickleball Kitchen for a demonstration of the backhand roll.

3. Reset Shot

Mastering the Art of the Reset Shot

Not every shot needs to be a powerful drive. The reset shot is a soft shot intended to reset the level of play and get you out of the transition zone. This shot is typically used for balls that come to you at knee height and resembles a dink shot with a few key differences.

  • Execution: Return the ball from a low position, keeping the paddle in front of your body and your wrist rigid.
  • Effect: Keeps the point of contact low, making it difficult for your opponent to return.
  • Strategy: Use this shot to regain control and reset the pace of the game.

For a detailed explanation and demonstration, watch Jordan Briones from Primetime Pickleball.

4. Kitchen Corner Serve

Adding Variety with the Kitchen Corner Serve

The kitchen corner serve is a strategic serve that can surprise your opponent and improve your skills. To execute this serve, hit from the corner of your baseline into the opposite corner of your opponent’s kitchen.

  • Execution: Serve from the baseline corner to the opposite kitchen corner.
  • Effect: Forces a deep return from close to the sideline, often leading to a poor return.
  • Strategy: Use this serve to catch your opponent off-guard and gain the upper hand.

For a visual guide, check out this video from Pickleball Kitchen.

5. Hybrid Lob with Topspin

Mastering the Hybrid Lob with Topspin

The hybrid lob with topspin is a challenging but rewarding shot. This shot combines elements of a power serve and a lob serve, hitting the ball deep into the court with topspin.

  • Execution: Brush up on the ball to create topspin and give it an upward trajectory.
  • Effect: Forces the receiver to back up, often resulting in a poor return or an ace.
  • Strategy: Use this shot to disrupt your opponent’s positioning and gain the upper hand for the crucial third shot.

For a demonstration, watch pro pickleball player Simone Jardim perform this shot.


Incorporating these advanced shots and serves into your game can significantly enhance your performance and keep your opponents guessing. By mastering the chip shot, backhand roll, reset shot, kitchen corner

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Written by Billy Pickles

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