5 of the Coolest Pickleball Courts in the U.S.


Fair warning: this list of the coolest pickleball courts in the U.S. might just make you want to pack your bags and move. Each of these venues offers unique features and amenities that make them standout destinations for pickleball enthusiasts.

Chicken N Pickle

Chicken N Pickle takes the cake for the most unique concept. As the name suggests, this entertainment complex features a restaurant, multiple food trucks, a bar, outdoor lawn games, and, of course, eight pickleball courts. With four current locations and two new ones coming soon, there’s a good chance you can find a Chicken N Pickle near you. Here, you can enjoy a game of pickleball and indulge in delicious food, making it a perfect spot for socializing and playing.

Green Valley Recreation Pickleball Club

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Arizona, the Green Valley Recreation Pickleball Club offers breathtaking views that make playing here an unforgettable experience. Recently, the club received a $1.25 million upgrade, making it the largest pickleball facility in Arizona with 36 total courts. GVR hosts tournaments and other events and is open for play reservations, providing ample opportunities for both competitive and casual play.

Eagle Crest Resort

Located in Redmond, Oregon, Eagle Crest Resort is a haven for pickleball players. This resort boasts lodging, fine dining, spas, and various recreational activities, making it Central Oregon’s best family resort. The outdoor courts offer incredible views, and in the case of inclement weather, indoor courts are available. A trip to Eagle Crest Resort can be a perfect blend of relaxation and pickleball fun.

East Naples Community Park

Home to the prestigious US Open Pickleball Championships, East Naples Community Park is a must-visit for any serious pickleball player. The park features 54 courts and offers a variety of programs, including those geared towards youth and seniors. Additionally, there is a pro shop on the property, making it a comprehensive facility for all your pickleball needs.

Pickleball Island

Pickleball Island, located in the state of New York, is the largest indoor pickleball facility in the region. No membership is required to play, and everyone is offered a free beginner lesson. The facility also hosts tournaments, leagues, and clinics, catering to players of all skill levels. As a bonus, Pickleball Island houses a pro shop and a “pickleball lounge,” making it a fantastic place to improve your game and relax.


These five pickleball courts offer unique experiences and top-notch facilities that make them some of the coolest places to play in the U.S. Whether you’re looking for a fun social environment, breathtaking views, or professional-level courts, these venues have something for everyone. Time to plan your next vacation and enjoy the best pickleball courts the country has to offer!

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