From Basketball Rivals to Pickleball Partners


As the thrilling March Madness tournament drew to a close, the finalists, Baylor and Gonzaga, had their sights firmly set on the coveted NCAA championship. While Baylor ultimately clinched the title, both teams showcased remarkable skill and tenacity, outlasting numerous competitors to reach the pinnacle of college basketball.

During their time in the NCAA bubble, the focus was undoubtedly on rigorous practice sessions, intense workouts, and strategic discussions aimed at outmaneuvering each other on the basketball court. However, this period wasn’t devoid of lighter moments and recreational activities. In an unexpected twist, coaches Scott Drew of Baylor and Mark Few of Gonzaga discovered a shared passion that extended beyond basketball—pickleball.

The Birth of a Pickleball Partnership

Initially, Drew and Few engaged in friendly pickleball matches against each other, relishing the opportunity to unwind and compete in a different arena. Their mutual admiration for the sport soon led to a strategic alliance, transforming them into an indomitable pickleball duo. According to team insiders, the coaches’ prowess on the pickleball court was so formidable that they turned down multiple challenges from eager players, humorously suggesting that the athletes needed to “get better” before taking on their seasoned mentors.

Undefeated Champions

As of the day before the NCAA championship game, Drew and Few boasted an undefeated record in their pickleball endeavors, demonstrating that their competitive spirit and teamwork transcended basketball. This undefeated streak underscored their versatility and camaraderie, proving that they could dominate in more than one sport.

Despite the high stakes and intense rivalry of the NCAA tournament, there were no lingering hard feelings between the two coaches. In fact, Drew hinted at plans to visit Few’s lakehouse over the summer, where they intended to continue their partnership as pickleball teammates. This gesture highlighted the deep respect and friendship that had blossomed between them, forged through their shared love for the game.

The Unifying Power of Pickleball

Whether you’re a casual player or a serious competitor, pickleball has a unique way of fostering community and camaraderie. The story of Drew and Few serves as a testament to the sport’s ability to bring people together, even in the most unexpected of circumstances. Their journey from basketball rivals to pickleball partners exemplifies how sports can bridge gaps and create lasting bonds.


The tale of Scott Drew and Mark Few’s pickleball partnership is a heartwarming reminder of the unifying power of sports. Their transition from fierce basketball opponents to undefeated pickleball partners showcases the versatility and camaraderie that sports can inspire. As they continue to nurture their friendship and competitive spirit on the pickleball court, they serve as an inspiration to athletes and enthusiasts alike, proving that the love for the game transcends boundaries and fosters lasting connections.


1. How did Scott Drew and Mark Few start playing pickleball together?

Scott Drew and Mark Few initially played pickleball against each other during their time in the NCAA bubble. Their mutual enjoyment of the sport led them to form a partnership and compete as a team.

2. Why did Drew and Few turn down challenges from their players?

Drew and Few humorously suggested that their players needed to “get better” before challenging them in pickleball, highlighting the coaches’ superior skills and undefeated record.

3. What does their undefeated pickleball record signify?

Their undefeated record in pickleball underscores their competitive spirit, teamwork, and versatility as athletes, demonstrating that they can excel in multiple sports.

4. How has pickleball impacted their relationship?

Pickleball has strengthened the bond between Drew and Few, transforming them from basketball rivals to close friends and partners on the pickleball court.

5. What can we learn from Drew and Few’s pickleball partnership?

Their partnership illustrates the unifying power of sports, showing how shared passions can bridge gaps, foster camaraderie, and create lasting friendships, even among fierce competitors.

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Written by Billy Pickles

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