Game-Changing Updates: Major League Pickleball Reveals Exciting Gameplay Enhancements for MLP Washington D.C.

In an exciting development, Major League Pickleball (MLP) has announced some game play updates for the upcoming MLP Washington D.C. tournament. One of the key changes is the reintroduction of the “win on your serve” rule, which was temporarily removed during the MLP Atlanta tournament. This rule requires teams to win the game on their own serve, adding an extra layer of strategy and intensity to the matches.

From a player’s perspective, this rule may initially seem like it gives the losing team an advantage. However, looking at it from a broader perspective, it actually adds more excitement and drama for the fans. The previous scenario where CJ Klinger won the Dreambreaker for the NY Hustlers on Riley Newman’s serve in Atlanta will not be repeated in MLP Washington D.C.

It’s important to note that all doubles games will still be played to 25 points, and the Dreambreaker will be played to 21 points, just like in MLP Atlanta. This ensures consistency in the game format and keeps the competition fair and balanced.

Repercussions for Late Court Arrival

MLP has implemented a new rule regarding late court arrival, likely in response to some teams arriving late during the Atlanta tournament. Teams are now required to warm up on practice courts and be at their designated court at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled play or the end of the previous match.

If any players are not present within five minutes of the scheduled start time, their team will lose all coin toss considerations. This means that the opposing team will have the advantage of choosing whether to send out their men’s or women’s doubles team first, selecting their mixed doubles teams second, and reacting to the offending team’s Dreambreaker lineup.

This rule serves two purposes. Firstly, it helps MLP stay on schedule with their broadcast schedule, ensuring that matches start on time. Secondly, losing all coin toss options acts as a deterrent for teams to arrive late, emphasizing the importance of punctuality and fair play.

For a comprehensive understanding of this rule, including all the finer details, I recommend referring to the 2024 MLPlay Rules Guide and specifically turning to Section 2 on page 4.

Clarifying the Service Rule

MLP has made some adjustments to the service rule, differentiating it from both the USAP (USA Pickleball) and the PPA (Professional Pickleball Association) Tour rules. MLP has found that the USAP rule 4.A.7.c, which states that contact with the ball must not be made above the waist, can be subjective for referees. To address this, MLP has introduced a new verbiage for the serve.

According to the MLP service rule, the server is allowed to make contact with the ball at any height on their body, as long as their arm has an upward arc at the time of contact and the paddle head is not above the wrist joint when making contact.

This rule aims to eliminate subjectivity in the service rule, providing clarity and consistency for players and referees alike. It allows players like Dekel Bar and James Ignatowich to showcase their skills with confidence, knowing that the rules are clear and objective.

Get ready for an action-packed MLP Washington D.C. tournament, where these game play updates will surely add to the excitement and intensity of the matches. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to witness some incredible pickleball action from the top players in the league.

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