Pickleball Fashion: How to Go From the Court to the Club

Having the right athletic gear is crucial for excelling in pickleball. While you could simply wear your old gym clothes, elevating your pickleball fashion with high-quality pieces can make you feel and look your best both on and off the court. Athleisure has become the perfect post-pandemic wardrobe, blending comfort with style.

Men’s Looks


For men who play pickleball, a classic combination of shorts and a t-shirt is ideal. Opt for a semi-fitted shirt that allows freedom of movement, which is essential for gameplay. A key feature to look for in a good pickleball shirt is moisture-wicking technology, which keeps you dry and comfortable—especially if you plan to head straight from the court to the clubhouse. Selkirk offers short sleeve and long sleeve options using their stretch wik technology, ensuring comfort both on and off the court.

Pro Tip: Some tops even provide sun protection, blocking up to 98% of the sun’s UV rays, making them perfect for those bright summer mornings.


When it comes to the lower half of your pickleball outfit, comfort and mobility are paramount. Personal preference plays a role, but shorts with pockets are highly recommended. This 2-in-1 pickleball short features ample pockets, moisture-wicking material, a drawstring for waist security, and a side slit at the hem for easy movement. Pair them with a quality tee, and you’ve got a versatile athleisure look suitable for whatever the day brings.

Women’s Looks


Ladies have several options for their pickleball fashion. For a more casual look, a tank-top and shorts make a great combination. This sleeveless top is breathable, flexible, and stylish, available in various colors. Pair it with these woven shorts, which come in four colors and feature zipper pockets for storage, an inner-brief liner, and an elastic waistband, for a complete casual court outfit.

Courtside Chic

For those looking to elevate their pickleball fashion and create an outfit suitable for both the court and the country club, there are more sophisticated options available. Women can enhance their pickleball look by choosing a long-sleeve top. Paddletek offers a lightweight, moisture-wicking option that fits the bill.

The next component of a high-fashion pickleball outfit is the skort. Unlike shorts, the skort adds extra flair and versatility for off-the-court wear. The skort is made with moisture-wicking fabric, can include pockets for storage, and features shorts underneath for added comfort. This skort comes in various prints and patterns, offering endless mix-and-match possibilities.

Creating a Versatile Pickleball Wardrobe

Building a flexible pickleball wardrobe is as simple as selecting a few key pieces that can be swapped in and out for new outfit combinations. Find what works for you, but always prioritize breathability, mobility, and comfort on the court. If done right, your looks will last far beyond the game.


1. What should I look for in a pickleball shirt?

Look for a semi-fitted shirt with moisture-wicking technology and sun protection to keep you comfortable and safe during play.

2. Are pockets necessary in pickleball shorts?

While not essential, pockets are highly convenient for storing small items and can enhance your overall playing experience.

3. How can I transition my pickleball outfit to a casual setting?

Opt for high-quality athleisure pieces that are stylish and comfortable, allowing you to move seamlessly from the court to casual outings.

4. What is the advantage of a skort over shorts for women?

A skort offers added flair and versatility for off-the-court wear while maintaining the comfort and functionality of shorts.

5. How do I create a versatile pickleball wardrobe?

Choose a few key pieces that prioritize breathability, mobility, and comfort, and mix and match them to create various outfit combinations suitable for both the court and casual settings.

By keeping these tips in mind, you can elevate your pickleball fashion and enjoy a seamless transition from the court to the club.

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Written by Billy Pickles

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