Pickleball Paddle Review: Selkirk VANGUARD S2


The Selkirk Vanguard S2 is a pickleball paddle that has been making waves in the pickleball community. As an avid pickleball player myself, I was thrilled when the Selkirk Vanguard S2 arrived at my doorstep. From the moment I laid eyes on the sleek black packaging, I knew I was in for a treat. In this review, I will delve into the specifications, features, and overall performance of the Selkirk Vanguard S2, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Selkirk Vanguard S2 Paddle Specs & Features

Before we dive into the details, let’s take a look at the specifications and features of the Selkirk Vanguard S2:

  • Average Lightweight: 7.4oz – 7.9oz
  • Average Midweight: 7.8oz – 8.3oz
  • Edge Guard: EdgeSentry™ technology
  • Grip Circumference: 4.25″
  • Grip Length: 4.5″
  • Handle Length: Medium handle (4.5″)
  • Height: 15.75″
  • Paddle Core: X5™ Honeycomb Thick Poly Core
  • Paddle Face: Quantum-CarbonFiber Face
  • Paddle Grip: VANGUARD Geo Grip™ for supreme comfort
  • Skill Level: Beginner to Pro
  • Sweetspot size: 10
  • USAPA approved
  • Width: 8.0″

Size of the Selkirk Vanguard S2

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by a visually stunning paddle with the largest surface area I have ever seen. The Selkirk Vanguard S2 adheres to the USA Pickleball’s paddle standards for tournaments, measuring 15.75″ in length and 8″ in width. However, what sets it apart is its shorter grip length, which allows for the largest sweet spot I have encountered on any Selkirk paddle. This means more consistent and powerful shots, giving you an edge on the pickleball court.

Selkirk Vanguard S2 Grip

The grip size of the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is perfect for players with small to average-sized hands, like mine. It offers an average grip circumference of 4.25 inches, providing a comfortable and secure hold on the paddle. The VANGUARD Geo Grip™ adds an extra layer of comfort with its cushioning and moisture-wicking properties. Switching hands during gameplay is a breeze, thanks to the ergonomic design of the grip.

Selkirk Vanguard S2 Paddle Materials

The Selkirk Vanguard S2 features a proprietary bidirectional quantum-carbon fiber face, which offers a pro-spin texture for maximum spin control. This, combined with the polypropylene honeycomb technology in the core, provides players with a balanced feel and exceptional shot placement. The core thickness and material also work together to dampen sound and vibration, ensuring a smooth and comfortable playing experience. Whether you’re dinking at the net or delivering powerful drives, the Selkirk Vanguard S2’s large sweet spot and polymer core will not disappoint.

Selkirk Vanguard S2 Paddle Weight Options

The Selkirk Vanguard S2 is available in two weight options to cater to different player preferences. The midweight paddle ranges from 7.9 to 8.4 ounces, providing a solid balance between power and control. For those seeking a lighter paddle, the lightweight version weighs between 7.6 to 7.9 ounces. I opted for the lightweight version with a low-profile edge guard, as it allows for easier maneuverability without sacrificing power. This is particularly beneficial for players dealing with pickleball elbow or those who prefer a paddle that is easier to swing.

Accuracy of the Selkirk Vanguard S2

One of the standout features of the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is its exceptional accuracy. Regardless of where the ball hits the paddle – top, bottom, left, or right edge – you can expect minimal to no missed hits. During my testing, I found that my shots consistently landed exactly where I intended them to be, regardless of the contact point on the paddle. This accuracy was especially noticeable during serves, where I was able to generate ample spin on the ball, giving me an added advantage on the court.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is an impressive pickleball paddle that delivers on both performance and quality. While it comes with a higher price tag of almost $200, there is an option to purchase a factory second paddle exclusively on Amazon, which may have minor markings on the paddle face but should not impact its performance. The only potential downside of the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is the handle length, which may affect players with a two-handed backhand or those accustomed to longer handles in tennis. However, for the majority of players, this should not be a significant concern.

Have you had the opportunity to try the Selkirk Vanguard S2? I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences with this paddle. Let me know in the comments below!


Q. Is the Selkirk Vanguard S2 approved for tournament play?

Yes, the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is USAPA approved, making it suitable for tournament play.

Q. What is the grip circumference of the Selkirk Vanguard S2?

The grip circumference of the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is 4.25 inches, providing a comfortable hold for players with small to average-sized hands.

Q. Does the Selkirk Vanguard S2 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Selkirk Vanguard S2 comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring peace of mind for players.

Q. Can I purchase a factory second version of the Selkirk Vanguard S2?

Yes, a factory second version of the Selkirk Vanguard S2 is available exclusively on Amazon. These paddles may have minor markings on the face but should not affect their performance.

Q. What skill level is the Selkirk Vanguard S2 suitable for?

The Selkirk Vanguard S2 is designed for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Its versatility and performance make it a great choice for players looking to elevate their game.


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Written by Billy Pickles

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