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Practice Putting Top-spin on the Pickleball with This Device


As someone who comes from a racquetball background, one aspect of Pickleball that I find challenging is generating top spin. In racquetball, the objective is to hit the ball as low to the front wall as possible, so utilizing slice or under spin helps keep the ball low. When I briefly played tennis, the only way I could achieve top spin was by using an extreme grip. However, in Pickleball, it’s best not to modify your grip due to the fast-paced nature of the game and the desire to avoid giving away any strategic advantage by visibly changing your grip.

Fortunately, during a recent episode of the Pickleball Fire podcast, Coach Andy Gutierrez mentioned a device that can assist in learning how to hit top spin. This device is known as the TopspinPro, originally designed for tennis but still beneficial for Pickleball players. Although there are rumors of a similar device specifically designed for Pickleball in development, it has yet to hit the market.

What makes the TopspinPro so remarkable is that it can be used off the court. You can easily set it up in your house or garage since the ball is mounted on a spindle. The device provides a screen that displays the correct angle for maximizing top spin off your paddle. Additionally, the height of the TopspinPro is adjustable, ensuring it can accommodate players of all sizes.

I have a friend who purchased the TopspinPro to use while recovering from an injury, and he attests to its effectiveness. The reviews on Amazon also support this, with an impressive rating of 4.4 stars. If you decide to purchase the TopspinPro, it is available for $149 on their website. While you can also find it on Amazon, currently, the price is higher, and they only offer used ones. Therefore, I highly recommend purchasing directly from the TopspinPro website.

Alternatively, there is another option available on Amazon called the Topspin Solution. This device can also assist in developing top spin and features a ball mounted on a spindle with adjustable height. However, unlike the TopspinPro, it does not include a screen to guide the correct angle for top spin. Nonetheless, it has received decent reviews, including positive feedback from a Pickleball player who found it helpful. The Topspin Solution is priced at $125 on Amazon.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to enhance your top spin technique in Pickleball, both the TopspinPro and the Topspin Solution offer valuable training aids. The TopspinPro provides the advantage of a screen to guide the correct angle, while the Topspin Solution offers a more affordable alternative. Whichever device you choose, incorporating these tools into your practice routine can help you elevate your Pickleball game and master the art of top spin.

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Written by Billy Pickles

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