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Mastering Precision Shots with the 4 Corners Drill

Pickleball enthusiasts and competitive players are constantly seeking drills to sharpen their skills, enhance precision, and elevate their overall game. For players ranging from intermediate (3.5) to advanced (5.0) levels, finding drills that challenge their precision and strategic play is crucial.

Preparing the Court

Before diving into the specifics of the drill, it’s essential to set up your court. Tape four corners of a square shape within the service area of your choice. This simple modification will serve as your targets throughout the drill, helping you focus your shots and refine your aim.

The Objective: Perfecting Drop Shots

The primary goal of the 4 Corners Drill is to perfect your drop shots by aiming for each corner of the square in a specific order. This drill not only improves your accuracy but also enhances your ability to control the pace and placement of the ball, skills critical for advanced level play.

Drill Sequence: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Front Right Corner

Begin the drill by aiming your first drop shot at the front right corner of the square. This shot tests your ability to control the ball and place it precisely near the net.

2. Back Left Corner

Next, target the back left corner, challenging your depth control and ability to switch from a short to a long shot seamlessly.

3. Front Left Corner

For your third shot, aim for the front left corner, continuing to refine your touch and accuracy near the net.

4. Back Right Corner

Lastly, hit your drop shot to the back right corner, completing the sequence by demonstrating control over both your short and long game.

Playing the Point Out

After successfully hitting a drop shot to the fourth corner, the drill escalates into playing the point out. This part of the drill simulates a real-game scenario, allowing players to apply their precision and strategic thinking in a competitive context. Remember, points can only be won after the fourth shot, encouraging players to build rallies and think tactically.

Competitive Edge: Scoring

To add a competitive and fun element to the drill, play the game to 7 points. This not only pushes players to focus under pressure but also adds an element of friendly competition to practice sessions.

Whether you’re preparing for your next tournament or looking to level up your game, the 4 Corners Drill offers a structured way to improve precision, control, and strategic play. Under the guidance of a skilled coach, this drill can significantly enhance your pickleball performance.

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Written by Billy Pickles

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