Must-Listen Pickleball Podcasts for Enthusiasts


Whether you’re looking to sharpen your skills, gain insights from the pros, or simply enjoy engaging conversations about your favorite sport, pickleball podcasts offer a wealth of information and entertainment. Perfect for your commute to the court or a leisurely listen at home, these podcasts cover a range of topics that will keep you hooked. Here’s a curated list of some of the best pickleball podcasts you should check out.

Pickleball Kitchen

Hosted by Barret Kincheloe

Pickleball Kitchen is hosted by Barret Kincheloe, who also runs a popular YouTube channel filled with instructional videos for players of all levels. This podcast dives deep into various aspects of the game, offering valuable tips and strategies to help you improve.

  • Content: Instructional videos, game strategies, player tips.
  • Host: Barret Kincheloe, a seasoned pickleball instructor.

The Eddie and Webby Pickleball Podcast

A Blend of Pickleball, Beer, and Technology

The Eddie and Webby Pickleball Podcast is a unique blend of pickleball discussions, beer reviews, and technology talk. Hosts Eddie and Webby cover a wide range of topics and frequently feature notable guests, including top players like Jocelyn “Jay” Devilliers and Lea Jansen. For a more relaxed and informal vibe, check out their spin-off, Dinking Around with Eddie and Webby.

  • Content: Pickleball, beer, technology, guest interviews.
  • Hosts: Eddie and Webby.

Pickleball Problems

Tackling Pickleball Challenges with Mark Renneson

Pickleball Problems is hosted by Mark Renneson, a well-known coach and CEO of Pickleball International. Each episode delves into a specific pickleball question, providing in-depth analysis and solutions to common challenges faced by players.

  • Content: Problem-solving, coaching tips, in-depth analysis.
  • Host: Mark Renneson, CEO of Pickleball International.

The Pickleball Guru’s Podcast

Level Up Your Game with Prem Carnot

The Pickleball Guru’s Podcast is hosted by Prem Carnot, a pickleball coach and author of “Smart Pickleball.” This podcast is designed to help you elevate your game with expert advice and practical tips.

  • Content: Game improvement, coaching advice, expert tips.
  • Host: Prem Carnot, author and pickleball coach.

Morgan Evans More or Less Pickleball Podcast

Insights from a Pro Player and Coach

Morgan Evans More or Less Pickleball Podcast is hosted by Morgan Evans, a renowned player and coach who also serves as an advisory member for Selkirk. Launched in 2020, this podcast covers a variety of topics, from pickleball techniques to personal anecdotes.

  • Content: Player insights, coaching techniques, personal stories.
  • Host: Morgan Evans, professional player and coach.

Pickleball Therapy

Short, Targeted Episodes with Tony Roig

Pickleball Therapy is perfect for those who find themselves frustrated with the sport. Hosted by licensed pickleball professional Tony Roig, this podcast delivers short, easily digestible episodes that focus on specific skills or questions.

  • Content: Skill improvement, targeted advice, short episodes.
  • Host: Tony Roig, licensed pickleball professional.

Pickleball Fire Podcast

The Best in Pickleball Instruction and Gear

Pickleball Fire Podcast is hosted by Lynn Cherry and features the best in pickleball instruction, paddle reviews, and special guest interviews. This podcast is a treasure trove of information for players looking to enhance their game.

  • Content: Instructional tips, paddle reviews, guest interviews.
  • Host: Lynn Cherry.

The Around the Post Show

Controversial and Engaging Discussions

The Around the Post Show is hosted by Jonny Pickleball and Kyle Yates. Known for not shying away from controversial topics, this podcast offers engaging and thought-provoking discussions about various aspects of pickleball.

  • Content: Controversial topics, engaging discussions.
  • Hosts: Jonny Pickleball and Kyle Yates.

These podcasts offer a wealth of content to keep you entertained and informed about all things pickleball. Whether you’re a beginner or

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Written by Billy Pickles

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